Dementia: ‘Girl Friday and the One Down Under’

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I’m always pleased when the arrival of Girl Friday is pending.  She has been supporting us for over two years now and feels like one of the family.  Her contribution to our well-being continues to be considerable.  I have mentioned in previous blogs that by sitting next to Girl Friday I have learned the ropes of being a Care Partner for someone with dementia.

The other ‘ladies’ as Maureen calls them have all done sound work this week.  Their kindness is outstanding as they all go well outside their duties to minimise Maureen’s distress.  One of them has made Maureen a tea cosy in the red and white of Nottingham Forest.  Another brought along a puzzle book to entertain Maureen, whilst one of  her colleagues may have resolved the underwear crisis.  I could go on to describe how these wonderful ladies put the icing on the cake day after day.

The ladies all fill in a journal of their daily experiences here: a living record of Maureen’s presentation.  Unfortunately, their notes appear to be filed away – left unread.  Which puts into context the now postponed attempt at Memory Testing.  I continue to ask myself what is the point in such assessment when Maureen’s presentation fluctuates and a living record appears to be ignored!

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I understand that if a Best Interest Meeting ever takes place that my request to have Girl Friday in attendance has been heeded. I certainly hope that this hard working dedicated woman is paid for her troubles and treated with respect.  How ironic that the lowest paid member of our support team- on minimum wage –  might struggle to claim travelling expenses for further support to us!

The Chief Executive’s Office of NAViGO has advised staff that further contact is to be avoided until we meet on Monday.   It is good to know that we can still call on the Home Treatment Team if there is a crisis.

Today’s Good Music is dedicated to my cyber friend Kate Swaffer; our ‘Girl Down Under’: an amazing woman who highlights the need to ditch Prescribed Disengagement.

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