Dementia: Unbelievable

Image result for I dont believe it pictureI will be contacting the Chief Executive’s Office of NAViGO this morning to request that her staff do not darken our door until after our scheduled meeting on Monday.

Two Support Workers arrived, unannounced, at our house  yesterday evening to conduct the MMSE Memory Test on Maureen.  Fortunately, she was asleep and common sense prevailed.  Perhaps I should have told them that she had already graduated to the ACE 111 Memory Test last year  when the Memory Service determined that further testing was pointless because of their diagnosis of ‘dementia: predominantly vascular’.

A Specialist Doctor told me in July that Maureen’s condition is now classed as moderate to severe dementia.  There is a distinct risk that further testing will unsettle her as she will see it as  another step on the road to locking her up in a Care Home and throwing away the key.  I hope common sense prevails this morning: this is far from person-centred care!

The  approach to dementia has major shortcomings which we have to endure day after day:

  • The services for dementia are rooted in mental health.
  •  The experiences of those who care for Maureen on a daily basis are consistently overlooked or ignored.
  • Professional staff consider what is happening here from the wrong perspective: dementia is not caused by an affective disorder of the mind it arises from a damaged or dying brain.

The professional approach to what is going on here will continue to be UNBELIEVABLE while the current setup remains.

Maureen has woken this morning wondering why we are in a foreign country.  This was a familiar question in the days following stroke at the beginning of 2014.  I will seek an appointment with her GP this morning to discuss her presentation.  She is fortunate that there is someone who knows her well, treats her with respect, and will listen to what she has to say with an open mind.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Unbelievable

  1. my MIL’s dementia was also caused by a stroke – a stroke caused by neglect at the hospital for getting her out of bed following a partial knee replacement. when someone finally did get her out bed 3 days after surgery – the blood apparently had pooled and as she was being raised up she had a stroke. so what did the person do? then dropped her back onto the bed and she was there until it was decided to move her to a care facility which was supposed to help her recover from the stroke – which also didn’t happen.

    stay strong paul.


    1. Thanks anniegoose. It took them three days to diagnose Maureen’s stroke. We all wonder where we would be now if she had been sent to the Stroke Unit at Scunthorpe immediately in February 2014. I know where we are now in the wrong place dementia is brain damage, not mental illness!


  2. I bet they want to do an MMSE as a first step to finding her incompetent with the goal of taking over her care. The fact that they came unannounced is telling.

    “The experiences of those who care for Maureen on a daily basis are consistently overlooked or ignored.” Yep. I was in that place with Mom for 10 years. Absolutely INFURIATING. I cant see what’s coming – they’ll start to call you crazy, just like they did me. I was and still am the sanest of the lot!


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