Dementia: ‘Watch Thee Back Lad’

With a Best Interest Meeting on the horizon, there is much to be done.  I have a meeting with my Advocate this morning and an appointment with my Counsellor this afternoon.  This video from the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Centre is a helpful focus for what lies ahead:

I went to bed early last night and left Maureen downstairs.  I awoke at 2 am to find her sitting in an armchair.  She told me she has been helping a couple of ladies who were holding a sale on the sea front.  She believes she has disposed of some unwanted clothing.

Maureen’s diet has been interesting in the last few hours; a mince pie and some Christmas Cake. Her thoughts are concerning:  ‘I’m her husband; a miserable possessive old man’.  Apparently, we rarely do anything together; I come back here for food and then go out by myself.  My expectation is that she’s the little woman who stays at home and attends to my needs.

Image result for Dennis Skinner Quotes Picture

Maureen is clearly travelling back in time to  a very unhappy era in her life.  It is very sad to see her in this mode and as  dementia progresses my role as her Care Partner becomes increasingly challenging. It is perhaps the time to heed sound advice from  Dennis Skinner ‘watch thee back lad!’

Postscript: Maureen thinks we are in London this morning.  She is angry that I have sold our house in Cleethorpes and brought her here against her will.  I will just have to vacate the room to leave her to her ranting!

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