Symptom Progression and Strategies 2016 December

A very interesting post by Tru.

Truthful Loving Kindness

Tru here.    (Sorry; it is not a glitch; my brain is just not working well enough to come up with a graphic.)  I realize it has been a month since I have last written a blog.  There is a good reason these have been less frequent;  Doctor and I just call them “events”, but current theory is that I am having tiny strokes.  This is supported by my MRI, and part of my current diagnosis is “mild to moderate cerebrovascular disease”.

First event was probably mid-February 1999 (year before they first pulled my driver’s license and awarded me permanent physical and cognitive disability).  Most recent was about 10 days ago.
Frequency has slowly progressed from every few years, to every year, to every few months … then every month, and now three events in six weeks (every two weeks).  Consistently, after each event I experience almost a week of dramatic fatigue and…

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