Feedback… for better or worse

Kate Swaffer who lives by my dear dad’s mantra: ‘tell the truth and shame the DEVIL’.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-6-51-52-pmWhen I am conscious, I strive to be a nice person, but, I also always strive to tell the truth, and to provide (positive and sometimes negative) feedback on things done well, or comments on things  I may feel or think could or should be done differently. That does not mean I am right, merely that I have an opinion, which is 100% something everyone is entitled to.

I’m also reasonably upfront when I feel hurt or offended – the point being, that it is my feelings I share, and not who is right or wrong. Of course, being up front with feedback or feelings can get me (or you) into trouble!

Occasionally, some friends have said after providing me with (negative or positive) feedback, ‘Apologies for the lecture!’ I responded to one recent piece of feedback and apology for the ‘lecture’ like this;

I like them! It is unfortunate so few can take any form of criticism from others…

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2 thoughts on “Feedback… for better or worse

  1. Hello Paul – Pleased to e-meet you! I began caregiving for my parents two years ago; both have dementia and Alzheimer’s. I’ll happily follow your blog, and feel free to follow mine. We caregivers can help and support each other, and you seem like an AWESOME care partner.


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