Dementia: Paying The Price

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The above photograph is of Susan Macaulay, fondly known as AMAZING Susan.

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Yesterday, I paid the price for not taking Susan Macaulay’s  advice to audio record all official meetings with officers of the Local Authority.  It would certainly have saved a lot of time arguing the toss with those who don’t seem to understand the difference between minutes and notes of meetings.  They also appear to suffer from memory issues and are unable to record the substance of important procedural points in meetings. I will give those concerned 24 hours notice from 9am this morning to get back into line or I will progress this matter formally.

I need to record that I have never experienced anything like this before in all my years of trade union representation, political involvement, and community activism.  I have always been treated with respect and could depend upon honesty from my adversaries even when the gloves were off!

An olive branch is now on the table with a genuine acceptance that a Best Interest Meeting is no longer needed.  The crisis is over and a meeting on Friday will discuss the support that is needed for Maureen and me to continue living together in our own home.  I have accepted the advice of Focus Adult Social Work to have an advocate with me at this meeting.

From today I’m going to take another piece of advice from Susan Macaulay who suggests that I post far too often.  Therefore, from today I will only post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’m sure that a lot of our story is no different to the route that others take on this unforgiving journey.  Releasing myself from the keyboard four days a week will give me more time to focus on my prime task: minimising Maureen’s distress.

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