Do you care?

George Rook, spot on as always.

george rook

Let’s start with a question…

Do you care?


When people care things happen.

When people care they make things happen.

And When people have personal linkage to dementia they really care, and they get involved, and make things happen.

You all have personal linkage and you all care. And you all are making things happen.

You are a social movement.

Social movements are about people who care getting involved and making things happen.

“Never doubt, said Margaret Meade, that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever does”.

We are disruptive.

We have to be disruptive.

We don’t like the status quo.

We don’t want to fit into what others have decided is right for us.

We’re a challenge to existing structures and authorities and power holders.

And they don’t like it much. Why don’t they like it?

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2 thoughts on “Do you care?

  1. Very true. I admit that 7 years ago I had very little understanding of dementia, it now consumes a lot my life. I admit that I have not just listened to the ‘professionals’ who supposedly know what is better for our loved ones than we do. People with dementia are all different and cannot just be put in a box that is convenient. I think it is great that some of us are pushing to have the best level of care available for everyone.


    1. Once you have met one person with dementia you have met one person. There are no experts in this field as we both know Di. I’m still and I listen to and learn from others day after day.


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