Dementia: Solving The Crisis In Social Care

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Roy Lilley has provided immediate solutions to the crisis in Social Care in today’s Newsletter:

‘Close the CQC it hasn’t improved quality, costs a fortune and demotivates all concerned; recognise technology takes us beyond the clip-board era.  
We can, now, answer the question; ‘how did we do today’, by plugging into data and key indicators, measurable in real time, with the use of technology we can all see.


Pay and train family members as carers, to look after the frail elderly at home.  Pay net of tax, provide respite.  


Create tax-sweet savings bonds for whole families to pay into; syndicating the costs of care for frail elderly relatives.  If, when the time comes, there is a residual in the bond allow it to be used, tax free, for education and house purchase for younger members of the family’.
Roy’s practical ideas on how to solve the crisis in the NHS are well worth reading!

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