Dementia: The Fight Within

I have a chest infection and have been prescribed antibiotics.  My sinus passages are blocked and I’m taking paracetamol to try to keep my temperature down.  Maureen is far from well with symptoms that need checking on Monday with a home visit from our G P.

I’m using this  poem by Normms McNamara  (diagnosed with dementia 6 years ago at the age of 50) to think about how she might be feeling about her dementia:

Image result for norman mcnamara torquay picture


You read my posts, you see my pics, but cannot hear my thoughts,

The fight within, rages on, so desperate and so fraught,

I`m disappearing within myself, a little at a time

Every day my mind grows smaller, such a human crime,

Some days i sit for hours, with nothing in my head,

As the day drags on, its the evening that i dread,

Short burst`s of clarity come to me, every now and then,

I write them down, send off to you, and then i`m back again,

All alone within myself, getting ever smaller,

Suffering the blows, of Dementia`s brawler,

So if one day i disappear, before i say goodbye,

Always know your friendships, in my heart forever lie’



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