Dementia: Always On My Mind

I have been advised to take Special Measures to attempt to minimise Maureen’s distress until a Best Interest Meeting at 10.30am on Friday.  This is because when we  leave the house she is totally disorientated on our return.  Yesterday was a repeat of the previous day when she became very hostile and aggressive following a short car trip to the shops.

There is 24-hour telephone coaching available whenever I need support.  Two of my neighbours are on red alert if I need immediate help.  I am also reassured that this Blog gives me access to support from far and wide.

I have alerted Ashgrove Care Home to the possibility of emergency admission.

Professional advice is to try to keep things simple for the coming week.  Unfortunately, there is a new Carer on the block today and tomorrow; thankfully familiar faces for the remainder of the week.

My current infection may be my salvation as I won’t feel well enough to go too far.  This may focus ‘Nurse Maureen’s’ attention on keeping me well.  It matters not that she sometimes calls me dad, grandad or an old work colleague.  Even with dementia generally calling the shots, she is still that nurturing loving person I have been privileged to  live with, and love, for 25 years.

Footnote: Normal blogging will be resumed as soon as possible.



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