Moral Dissonance

Straight talk as always from George Rook.

george rook

We invest in cancer care because it’s the right thing to do, and because an added qualy year of life is worth £30,000.

But we’ll only invest in dementia care if we can prove savings as a result, regardless of quality of life.

This is Moral Dissonance.


14 days to see a specialist.

31 days to diagnosis.

62 days to treatment.

Near enough anyway, and admirable.

When I was told I had what looked like kidney cancer I wanted to know quickly.


They said it was highly likely to be slow growing and non-aggressive, and they would recommend monitoring it rather than going through the trauma of nephrectomy.

But I wanted it out. At 64 and with other diseases I didn’t want to risk having a serious operation later when I would be less well than now.

And it turned out to be aggressive.


If I have colon…

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