Dementia: A Blessing In Disguise

Image result for A Blessing In Disguise PictureWhen our carer didn’t show this morning I phoned up the Agency to see why she was late. Then I put on my reading glasses and saw the red asterisk on the schedule.  Had I been a little more vigilant I would have taken action earlier and Girl Tuesday would have been here.  However, this is not a mistake I have paid for – quite the opposite as we have had a lovely morning together: singing to Youtube followed by a long siesta.

One of the facets of Maureen’s condition is fluctuation in her presentation.  Last night we slept well together with Nurse Maureen wanting to tend to her poorly husband.  This morning I have struggled to keep up with her dialogue: never quite sure if she was talking about the past, present, or future.   One minute she is talking to me as her husband the next he is the subject of her discussion:  I’m pleased to hear that she generally speaks well of him.

We are both still reeling from this flu-like infection.  Although I’m not pleased about feeling rough I’m reassured that it is likely to be behind Maureen’s time travelling and increased level of  confusion.


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