Dementia: Toughing It Out

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The advice from all quarters regarding our infections has been to ‘hang on in there’ until the discussion on Monday afternoon.  Rapid Response visited yesterday afternoon to check  our treatment plans were on the nail.  I was told we were following the book in our approach to treating this horrible infection.  Not surprising when Maureen and I have never reached for the medicine cabinet when dealing with a virus.

Yesterday’s  carer was one of us: a solid citizen as one of my friends used to call like minded comrades.  She provided excellent support in our two hours of need.  Lynne is another one of those carers who realises appropriate help is the order of the day rather than playing it by the rule book.   I’m grateful that she will be back later this morning for another two-hour stint.

Once you accept that it is impossible to provide the 24/7 care that your loved one needs light appears at the end of a very dark tunnel.  As Monday afternoon nears that light is becoming even brighter.

Footnote: A very early post as we are following instructions to sleep when we can and ignore what time it is.  We’ve both had our heads down from very early evening and have permission to forget what the clock says for a couple of days!!!!


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