Dementia: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Image result for Light at the end of a dark Tunnel picture

When I explained my thinking on Residential Care for Maureen, to the nurse from Rapid Response   yesterday he said: ‘there was now light at the end of the tunnel’ .  That is not necessarily how I see it but once you accept that Residential Care is needed a spring returns to your step.  The irony is that I’m having to carry on with the type of infection that would have laid me up in my working days.  In fact, we would have both been off work with this persistent virus.

It is fortunate that Lynne, today’s carer, will be here at noon to help us cope today.  I have explained to Maureen that today’s ‘Shopper Lady’ will buy what we need and make sure we are fed and watered.

Maureen’s infection continues to impact upon her presentation: she is very frightened and emotional.  If I am out of site she seeks me out as she cannot face being alone for very long.  It’s a pity she won’t take ‘propolis’, a homoeopathic remedy that always seems to bolster my immune system.  However, it doesn’t seem to be doing much yet so I’m using  paracetamol to keep me on my feet for.

One consolation Craig’s temporary fix on our central heating boiler is holding up. It needs replacing along with several radiators that are long past their sell-by date.  I’m giving the heating system daily TLC as I’m not sure what we’ll do if it gives up the ghost!

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