Dementia: I Don’t Believe It!

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There are times when I want to scream at those jobsworths in the Care Sector.  Today’s carer has been told off for collecting some essentials from Tesco.  Her Agency phoned to remind her she is here to sit with Maureen.

I have flu and am finding it difficult to stand.  Maureen is very poorly as the infection is wreaking havoc with her presentation.  She is worried whenever I’m not close at hand.   Would the Agency want me to shop when I’m unwell and leave Maureen with a stranger?  Seems to me that dementia awareness is lacking somewhere and it isn’t here!

When Lynne arrived at our door for the first time yesterday she said:  ‘I know nothing about Maureen’.  Then she had to work from a temporary Care Plan : thank goodness our considerate regular Agency provides our carers during the week!

3 thoughts on “Dementia: I Don’t Believe It!

  1. Whenever a new care giver turned up I always asked what they had been told. They were never given any information. I complained (more than once) to the company who used the privacy laws to defend their stance. I said they had our permission to give these people an idea of what they were walking into. It never made any difference but it made it difficult for everyone in the front line. It is ridiculous – you would never put a special needs child with a new teacher without the teacher knowing.

    I hope your regulars are there now.

    Hang in there now


    1. No regulars here until tomorrow Di. Another newbie just came knew nothing about us and her deodorant has made Maureen feel ill. This would never have happened with our regulars as the Care Plan notes Maureen’s intolerance to strong aromas. Wait until you see my blog in the morning about who is invited to the Best Interest Discussions: ‘unbelievable’ as Victor Meldrew would no doubt say.


  2. I got so fed up with this I wrote out all the things they needed to know. I laminated it. When they arrived I got them to read to ensure they understood. As it was laminated they could take it into the bathroom.

    Good luck, thinking of you


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