Dementia: Distract and Redirect

Maureen has been awake hourly during the night.  I have given her lots of TLC along with drinks and medicine.  At  5 am things changed dramatically as she poured out vitriol about my shortcomings: ‘another lying, cheating man who was robbing her’.  As she ranted she said she ‘wanted a lady here’.  Once again she claimed I had ‘locked her in’, so I indicated where the keys were but warned her ‘it was too cold to go out’.  Thankfully,  she took my advice and curled up on the sofa where coughing fits have accompanied occasional sleep.

If hostilities continue I know there are several options available to me. I have already received helpful advice from the Konar Suite which will lead to a visit from the Home Treatment Team.  In the meantime, I will continue to distract and redirect:

Our carer at noon is an unknown quantity: she has never been here before and we know nothing about her.  In fact, Hales her Agency has yet to forward details of their schedule for involvement here for today and tomorrow.

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