Dementia: Protecting Our Best Interest

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Our phone line was hot yesterday and there was heavy traffic elsewhere.  On occasions, I resorted to a combative style that is a default from years of trade union and political activity.  Sometimes I think pressure and conflict bring out the best in me.  However, in all of this, the consistent advice was to protect our Best Interest.

‘At the end of the day’ as is often said in this neck of the woods, there was light at the end of the tunnel.  I believe there is a way forward to ensure Maureen receives 24/7 care with me by her side.  Discussions are at a very preliminary stage but I’m optimistic that a radical solution is around the corner.

Music was the medicine that kept us both going throughout a rather busy day.  The resident D J played some golden oldies for a couple of hours and his Singer Lady was in great voice. We played ‘Spot That Tune’ for a while.  We also made up lots of other musical games.  John Travolta and Fred Astaire took in turns to take to the floor sometimes dancing alone, others with Ginger and Olivia at his side.

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Susan Macaulay, above on the left, has suggested that we should record events here so that they can be shared on my blog and elsewhere.  This is something we need to explore when the time is right and we have protected our Best Interest.

Chloe is back today and Maureen is really looking forward to seeing her.  Gail has played a blinder in the last couple of days.  If ever I wanted to set up an Agency training care staff these two excellent women from Hica Care Agency would be part of my team.

I continue to count my blessing that we moved to Cleethorpes.  Like all local authorities, North East Lincs continues to be hampered by Austerity Measures.   However, I never doubt the integrity of professional staff as they do their best to paper over the cracks.  Unfortunately, we are already at the sharp end of the crisis in Social Care: a largely unregulated service that is underfunded.  It’s no consolation to know that we didn’t vote for Osborne and his mates from Eton and never would!

Footnote: A rather special song is on my Good Music page today.

9 thoughts on “Dementia: Protecting Our Best Interest

  1. susan is a beautiful lady – both externally and internally as well as spiritually. it has been a blessing to be a part of her journey for several years.

    and i hope she doesn’t blush – but of course she will 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Susan is on my list to meet, along with many others, hope she doesn’t blush when I give her a big hug!. Perhaps a World Cruise is needed to catch up with all the people who are supporting us. Irving Kirsch is high on my list because without his research I would have been on antidepressants for life: I’ll give them ‘chemical imbalaace’. Then there is Kate Swaffer who helped us to understand the dangers of ‘Prescribed Disengagement. Then there are and so many others……..

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