Dementia: Safeguarding and Duty of Care

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Formal processes are underway about Maureen’s appalling experiences in Care Homes.

It would be unfair to detail our concerns before they have been fully investigated.

I have distracted and redirected all day with little impact.

Maureen still feels betrayed: that I have conspired with other to lock her away.

She does not accept a promise that from now on they will not separate us!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Safeguarding and Duty of Care

  1. realistically – at some point the two of you will need to be separated.

    as her dementia progresses – unless you get good in home care, her condition will deteriorate to the point where one person alone [YOU} will not be able to care for her – at the risk of destroying your own health and well being.

    stay strong. keep meditating

    keep fighting for maureen and for better care for her


  2. the alzheimer’s facility that my father was in turned out to be horrible. for the last year and a half he was strapped into the bed because he had gotten to the violent stage in his dementia.

    most of those facilities it seems – no matter WHERE in the world they are located – are awful. sometimes it’s the fault of the care facility itself. other times it’s because of lack of funding, so the facility does the best it can do with its resources.


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