Dementia: Knowing Who To Trust

Image result for neglected elderly pictures

I will be talking to people I trust this morning.

The abuse of our loved ones in Care Facilities has to stop.

However, this it is not a time to issue Press Releases and return to my campaigning days

We all have to work out the best way to respond to our dereliction of duty.

In Maureen’s words: ‘we tricked her into a Care Home that was an absolute NIGHTMARE’.

However, I was not the only one who was complicit in a failure of our duty of care.

Just to add to our woes our heating is broken and its freezing here this morning.

One thing is certain once I ring Dave this morning his man will be here soon after.

It’s always important to know those people who you can really  trust!

Footnote: I’m struggling to respond to Comments as I’m desperately trying to rebuild a semblance of trust with someone who feels her husband has sold her out!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Knowing Who To Trust

    1. Maureen has a heavy cold and cold sores now. She says she is not surprised as I ‘put her in a place where people were coughing, spitting and slobbering over her food’. Clee Medical Centre are excellent and will check her out again today. Dr Rav Munjal will visit her at home if necessary. We continue to count our blessings on some fronts!


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