Dementia: CCTV Might Have Saved Him

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When I called in to see my brother at his Nursing Home at 10.30 am  yesterday  I was told he was tired and had gone back to bed.   So I moved on to visit my mum in her Residential Home.  As always she asked me if I’d come to take her out but when I returned from fetching her coat she was fast asleep in the chair.  I stayed with her for a while before heading off to see my brother’s wife.  This is when I was reminded how respite had led to disaster for John and Jean.

Almost 5 years ago when Jean was on her knees she booked John in for a week’s respite. Towards the end of his stay he had become aggressive with a staff member; police were called  John was taken away and eventually Sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

John was detained in the local Mental Health Unit for 6 months before any Nursing Home were prepared to take him.  A couple of months ago he was evicted from Norton Grange Nursing Home because his wife complained they were not dealing with his oral thrush.

I was shocked when I saw John yesterday afternoon. He is a shadow of the handsome fun loving man I have always been proud to call my big brother.

Respite for John was a disaster.  He has never been a violent but man we will only ever have the Respite Centre’s version of events: that is why Jayne Connery is right: CCTV in Dementia Care Homes must become mandatory.

I have decided to stay in Coventry another night and hope to take my mum out today.

5 thoughts on “Dementia: CCTV Might Have Saved Him

  1. What a horrific experience for your brother and his wife. As well as the cameras the people who work in these homes need training in working with dementia and to have an understanding of the disease.

    Hope you and your mother were able to have a lovely outing

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