Dementia: Mandatory CCTV In Care Homes: ‘Its A No-Brainer!’

My cyber friend Jayne Connery is absolutely right CCTV should be mandatory in Care Homes.  This is not jumping on the bandwagon it is based on the experiences of Maureen and my brother.

Maureen was 78 on July  the 26th of this year.  I was shocked when I saw her condition as  I arrived at Ladysmith Road Care Home to wish her happy birthday: she had a black eye, a cut on her nose, and was complaining that her back hurt her. She told me that she had been pushed by staff on a trolley that collided with a door.   Care workers said that she had fallen out of bed. My concerns were raised even further when I attended a Review Meeting later in the morning when I was asked if Maureen often barricaded herself in a room and went to sleep on the floor.

I removed Maureen from Ladysmith Road very shortly after the Review Meeting as the medical opinion was that she was likely to deteriorate rapidly in this setting.  Once we were home Maureen continued to complain about back pain and the bruising on her face was becoming more prominent.  I became concerned that internal bleeding was taking place and took her to Grimsby Hospital.  Following examination and X-rays, she was discharged.  The examining doctor expressed surprise that she had not been brought to the hospital earlier.

When I raised my concerns with the Manager of the Care Home she stuck to their story: ‘she had fallen out of bed’.  She also advised me ‘Maureen had  only have been asleep on the floor of the small lounge for a short period of time’.  We will never know what really happened without CCTV.

One final point the Manager of Ladysmith Road told me that they had been encouraged to reduce admissions to A and E .  However, if a resident is on blood thinners has fallen and bruising is continuing that is another ‘no-brainer’


4 thoughts on “Dementia: Mandatory CCTV In Care Homes: ‘Its A No-Brainer!’

  1. I am shocked about Maureen’s care! This is appalling. Here the homes are expected to ring families to notify them of any incidents. Under no circumstances should this have happened. I would have been very angry. You are right about cameras. These would make carers more careful. John has a sensor pad by his bed so that staff are alerted if he gets up or if he falls out of bed. I do know he can fall out of bed as he did this at home. When this started to happen to Mum they got a bed that could go up and down so they could lower the bed so she wouldn’t hurt herself. They also could put a side up on the bed minimising the risk of falls. It really sounds as though they don’t really know how to cope with Maureen. I am so sorry to hear about this as it means you won’t want to use them for respite care. This puts so much more pressure on you.

    There is a village being built here in the North Island based on the Dutch village. These sound the way I think we should be looking after our loved ones.

    Hang in there. I am thinking of you

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  2. I witnessed the abuse and neglect of my mother and other vulnerable people who live with dementia virtually every day for almost four years. I am 100% with you with respect to mandatory CCTV. It’s the only way to know what really happens.


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