Dementia: Houdini Foiled So Far

Image result for houdini picturesThe last time Maureen was in Ashgrove Care Home she did a runner.   When the fire alarm went off she hopped it and was reported to police looking at flowers in a local resident’s garden.  I received a phone call within minutes of this happening.  I was  soon informed when she was safely back behind lock and key.  This is rather different to how Ladysmith Road deal with significant incidents.

Although you don’t expect to hear the  that your wife has escaped from a secure unit it didn’t worry me too much.  A few weeks earlier she had walked out of Royal Court Care Home: she picked the lock on a patio gate.

Maureen has hopped it several times from under my watchful eye.  However, she doesn’t wander; she either goes looking for me when she has forgotten where I am or takes off if I have upset her.

From what I have seen Ashgrove are as good as it gets for a Care Home.  In Special Measures a short while ago they now provide sound person-centred care.  There is no doubt that the newly built extension would get a higher star rating once it is opened but it is exclusively for residents with dementia.  At this point in time, Maureen is better off in a Care Home environment.

Yesterday I managed to have a helpful chat with Karen from the Home Treatment Team.  We talked far and wide about how things had been here and the possible ways forward.  Karen encouraged me to focus on the best interest of Maureen and me as a couple.

It is reassuring to know Maureen in safe hands with people I trust.  This gives me an opportunity to explore the best way forward for the next stage of our journey: more of the same is no longer an option!

5 thoughts on “Dementia: Houdini Foiled So Far

  1. when my MIL first went into the care home she resisted. she frequently tried to leave so she could go ‘home’ [the house which was sold so that she can stay at the care facility. but now, after over two years, she considers the care home her HOME. she has settled in nicely.


  2. what we have learned is that she likes to be taken out to lunch, to the hair dressers, and to be driven around town. so when we go there – that’s what we do – we take her to lunch then spend about an hour driving her around town – especially to the neighborhood where she originally lived when she and her first husband moved to bellingham WA. her memories of that location are quite clear.


  3. another thing – apparently she has gotten it into her head that she works at the care home – so every day she goes down to the front office to see what they want her to do for the day. she walks around talking to every resident that she can find – gives them hugs or pats on the arms or shoulders and is very happy doing that.


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