Dementia: ‘It’s A No Brainer’

Image result for madhyamaka centre

Quality sleep has become impossible in the last few days, as you will see from this page, and I’m worn out.  Following advice from Marie of the Home Treatment Team, I have made arrangements for Maureen to go into Ashgrove Care Home this morning.  My initial thoughts were to seek a short break but after another night of Maureen being in and out of bed, I hope to extend it beyond a couple of days.

The dangers of poor sleep are well documented and Carer Burnout is around the corner.  It may well be that medication or some significant changes in our routine are necessary to help solve this one!

Once Maureen is safely in Ashgrove I’ll be on my way to Madyhamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre (pictured above).  The peace and tranquility of such a setting are just what I need at this moment in time: ‘it’s a ‘no-brainer’ as Kelsang Dorde ( far right below) would say.

Cheers Dorde, it’s your round when I get up there this afternoon!

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