Dementia: Rescued By South Pacific

I had to resort to old technology to rescue Maureen from her kidnappers this morning.  YouTube was down due to technical difficulties so I hastily put on a compact disc of South Pacific.  Once we got to the ‘Dites Moi’ Maureen started to sing in French and I knew I was settling her into the present.

As Maureen lay down to have a rest she mentioned that ‘her memory had been playing up again’.  She looks terrified in these moments of self-awareness; struggling to understand that her memory issues are not resolved.  It is something that she needs to explore a little further and I’m hoping that Marie from the Home Treatment Team will be here this afternoon for the walk that was promised on Friday.

I think it is likely that Maureen will forget the detail of anything that Marie tells her about her faltering memory.  She may also decline invitations to attend activities that might help.  However, I’m sure she will recall walking in the fresh air with good company: two things she always enjoys!


2 thoughts on “Dementia: Rescued By South Pacific

  1. I use Real Player 10 to download videos from You Tube. They are then always there and can be put on a flash drive to use on another computer or on the TV.

    I also got iPods and loaded MP4 songs onto these. Most are available free on the web which you can find through a Google search. Mum and John had one each of these which I used with headphones giving me some peace and quiet for a while. I used proper headphones as neither could cope with the smaller ones.

    Hope she had a lovely walk and hope you are getting some sleep…


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