Dementia: What A Relief

We have another new carer on duty today and I think she is going to be just the ticket.  Maureen has just woken from dozing on the sofa and they seem to be hitting it off.  That is great news because Jo is going to be our regular Girl Tuesday if things continue to go well.  What a relief if we are back to three regular carers and also have Evelyn in reserve to cover  in emergencies .

This little number came up at random on YouTube this morning:

Maureen remembered it from yesterday’s early morning session and sang along.  I wonder if I could get it into the songbook at Singing For The Brain so that you know who would feel at home at the Memorial Hall in a couple of weeks time.

Looks like I’d better get downstairs pronto: there is a danger that Jo might talk Maureen to death.  it must be so difficult for carers to get it right on the first few visits – particularly with protective husbands like me around!

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