Dementia: Thoughts For The Day

The Serenity Prayer above makes me wonder if I can persuade Maureen to try ‘Singing For the Brain’ if it is on today.  The other option is to suggest she accompanies  me to the swimming baths this afternoon.  Both of these activities are an attempt to encourage her to socialise rather than lying on the sofa dwelling on her poor short-term memory.

We are back into the old routine of morning carer sits this week.  Unfortunately, there are two new faces on the schedule this week and I want to avoid such changes causing Maureen distress.  I will contact our Care Agency this morning to explore the possibilities of using carers that Maureen knows, likes, and provide the stimulation that she needs.


2 thoughts on “Dementia: Thoughts For The Day

  1. Hope things worked out OK and the carers coped well.

    Mum and I used to go swimming every morning at 6. Unfortunately we lost all the pools over here on the East during the earthquakes and these have not been replaced at this point. It means a long trip to go to the pool. Over 4 years ago I bought a spa which is just great. I keep it really warm in winter and a cooler temperature during summer. We can sit in and chat and also lie back and do exercises in the water. It has been a really good investment. Just an idea for you….

    Have a great day 🏊🏼🏊🏼🏊🏼


    1. ‘Singing For The Brain’ led to interesting developments as you will see from my Blog. We are fortunate that our Leisure Centre is less than a mile away with Spa, Sauna, Steam Room and Pool: it’s great value at about £5 a week with a season ticket that gives you access to the whole fitness programme.


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