Dementia: OMG Struggling With DNA

Image result for Confused Dementia PictureOnce Maureen’s dementia became obvious Iwona our local pharmacist stressed the importance of DNot Absorb: to ignore any vitriol that comes in my direction.  I think I might just pop in and see her shortly for some ‘medication’ to help me boost my DNA this morning.

Maureen’s vitriol began yesterday afternoon and resumed at midnight.  She went on walkabouts in the afternoon so I grabbed my bike to track her down.  When I caught up with her a few streets away she ignored me as she shuffled along in her slippers.  As I trailed her she eventually told me ‘she needed to get back home to inform the police that her car had been stolen’.  It took me an hour to shepherd her in the direction of home, then a quick dash to pick up the car : ‘the thief’ then drove her the short distance home.

Maureen was tired from her afternoon hike so she went to bed around 8 pm.  She woke at midnight – shouting for help because ‘someone was on a ladder at her bedroom window’.  My efforts to help were met with derision and questions about my ability to keep her safe.  A couple of hours later she was awake again concerned that ‘someone had stolen her clothes and she had nothing to wear’.

Yesterday was not a good day by any stretch of the imagination; with Maureen’s presentation once again a cause for concern.  Lack of appropriate personnel at the meeting to discuss requested psychological support means that it is likely to be a few weeks before that issue can be progressed.

One positive this morning is that my sister and her husband are visiting this area for the weekend.  They would give any Care Partner a boost; with Rob firmly grounded in the real world of engineering, and Jill dementia friendly from her years of supporting mum.

6 thoughts on “Dementia: OMG Struggling With DNA

  1. this story makes me want to weep. i am so sorry for all you are going through.

    stay strong.

    know that you’re on my prayer candles. i have a buddha that has a light in his lotus flower. i keep that buddha lit all the time for all the people in the world who needs prayers.

    blessings to you for sharing your journey.

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