Dementia: A Costly Mistake

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I made a silly mistake yesterday afternoon and paid for it later with another night of disturbed sleep.  One of my golden rules is to try to induct new carers by staying around and coaching them in their first few visits. As Mel my Admiral Nurse often says ‘she wouldn’t leave her cat with someone she didn’t know’.  However, I was so determined to resolve the broken zip on Maureen’s favourite cardigan that I left my dear wife with an unknown quantity for well over an hour yesterday.

I realised my mistake when Maureen didn’t celebrate the result of my endeavours.  When the carer left Maureen revealed all with; ‘she never stopped talking’.  What I had done was totally unfair on both parties as is the behaviour of the Care Agency.

Our ‘Silly Mistake’, mine and the Care Agency’s, is a prime example of Fail To Plan: Plan To Fail.  Carers are not magicians they need information and coaching when they are dealing with a new call.  I’m hoping that the meeting that our social worker has agreed to convene with both of our Care Agencies (more on this later), will ensure that in future new staff are prepared before they visit.  In future, I do not plan to  leave Maureen with new kids on the block before they have been inducted!

Footnote: The one thing I did get right yesterday was calling off today’s day trip to Coventry as I’m worn out once again after another night with little sleep.



2 thoughts on “Dementia: A Costly Mistake

  1. I have been a lurker lately, reading without commenting and I have not been blogging. It has just been one thing after another…

    I know what you are saying about new carers. Something I found useful was writing a page of bullet points to help with John’s care. I found that all the carers found these useful, even ones who had been working with him for some time. I know it is hard as they change from day to day (sometimes hour to hour). You didn’t really make a mistake as it might have worked well as they got to know each other, just unfortunate it didn’t. You can’t foresee everything.

    I do hope you are getting some sleep. Remember to look after yourself as if you don’t you will be no good to Maureen! – or yourself


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