Dementia: She Taught Me To Yodel

Maureen was in good form, and voice, for most of yesterday greeting Hilary our carer, as Frank Ifield, with a pair of woollen tights on her head as you will see from this video clip.

She spent quite a time yesterday afternoon telling me how much she enjoyed her time with Hilary.  Once again she had been chatting about the need to see someone about her poor short-term memory.  There appears to be some hopeful possibilities on this front, with news from our social worker that the Memory Service are considering how to provide appropriate support.

Maureen has been up since 5 am this morning wanting to make sure that she is available to let Chloe today’s carer in when she arrives at 10 ‘o’clock.  She is looking forward to having her hair done in preparation for a possible trip to Nottingham, to see family, at the weekend.

Footnote: I’ve just checked it out, to be on the safe side, to see that like myself Frank Ifield was indeed a Coventry Kid!


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