Dementia: Feeling The Fear

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Maureen was terrified yesterday as insight into her condition overwhelmed her throughout the day.  Her fears that someone was watching us or preparing to break into our house meant that she kept close to me throughout the day and night.  The woman who often wants to be alone in bed pleaded with me to be beside her last night.  Fortunately, we have both had the best night’s sleep we have had for ages.

I called in the troops to help me address Maureen’s current presentation.  Gary our social worker was on the case yesterday morning as soon as our meeting began.  He has petitioned the Mental Health team with a request for a Care Coordinator for Maureen.  He also counselled me on the importance of keeping well so that I could continue to look after Maureen at home.  He has requested substantial carer sits alternate Wednesdays, and encouraged me to set up regular respite breaks using Ashgrove Care Home.

My evening call to the Home Treatment Team also let further light into a fairly dismal day.  Amanda is exploring the availability of support from Occupational Therapy that could lead to the one to one support from Maureen.

Susan Macaulay put the icing on the cake this morning with comments on this Blog of a  Webinar on Sleep and Dementia.  My cyber pal Kate Swaffer also posted some further useful items on Facebook that are even more grist for the mill.

Camomile Tea is on my shopping list today: another natural remedy that might just help us both with improving our sleep patterns.  Sincere thanks to all who try to support us as we try to stop that ‘Elephant in the room’ from spoiling our lives.



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