Dementia: Preventing Carer Burnout

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My post yesterday on Unison’s Ethical Care Charter has got me thinking.  Where is the Charter for Care Partners?  Which is the best organisation to support us in our struggles  for adequate support to prevent Burnout?

Maureen has been awake since 1 am this morning; despite my best efforts to persuade her to go back to sleep: it’s time to seek further help on this front.  It’s fortunate I’m meeting Gary, our social worker, this morning as getting more rest by securing regular respite will be an important feature of our discussions.  Attending meditation sessions like I did yesterday are helpful but they can’t compensate for the sleep disturbance that is  feature of my life at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Preventing Carer Burnout

  1. Paul, yesterday I attended an excellent webinar on dementia and sleep put on by the brainxchange (, which I would highly recommend to you. This particular webinar will be posted online in a couple of weeks, and I will send you the link to it once it’s up. However, in the meantime, the presenter gave a couple of links, which may be useful to you:


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