Dementia: Having A Hard Time?

Image result for Time Travelling Dementia PictureAbout an hour ago Maureen told me she was ready to go home to her family.  She was well equipped for the journey with an iron, her boots and a butter knife in hand.  As we travelled around Cleethorpes, Maureen told me her husband was a car delivery driver and her three children were still at school.

She gave me a peck on the cheek when I dropped her off and thanked me for bringing her home.  I returned a short while afterwards to find her walking down the street.  She was clearly pleased to see me and we returned to the house as husband and wife again.

As we sat chatting Maureen was anxious to tell me that she kept forgetting things.  She remembered someone telling her that she had ‘memory problems and how hard life had been for her recently’.  As she relayed her concerns she talked about seeing her G P about her faltering memory.

‘Wanting to go home or asking me to take her back to her husband’, is nothing new.  My guess is that she will forget this morning’s concerns and carry on in denial:  facing up to the reality of her condition may be more than she can cope with at the moment.  That is why my discussions with our social worker about having a Care Coordinator for Maureen is significant this morning:  Maureen needs someone with professional expertise to help her put her feelings, and concerns, into perspective.

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