Dementia: Seeing The Light

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Maureen and I both saw the light in a number of ways in the last 24 hours.  We played musical beds again last night moving from the lounge to the bedroom; then back downstairs again.  When I popped in to check on her early doors I noticed something strange on the bed. I thought no more of it and returned to the spare room.  When I spoke to Maureen this morning she thought there was a baby beside her in a basket on the bed. A little later I saw the culprit – a basket of washing that I had left on the bed earlier in the evening.

I have realised that lighting is so important in our lives now.  If I leave lights on in the house when we go to bed it means that Maureen can move around without being frightened by shapes in dark corners.  Thankfully babies in baskets are not a threat when they are sharing your bed!

We tripped the light fantastic again last night listening to Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole.  Maureen also burst into song and gave a lovely rendition of Rambling Rose, which created great amusement when I zapped it to her son on the mobile phone.  Unfortunately, I have not figured how to post in on here yet!

I managed to brighten up my morning yesterday with a visit to the Leisure Centre.  I had forgotten how warm water, and good conversation, regenerates the body and soul.  If things go to plan this afternoon I hope to gain similar benefit from a local Meditation Class.


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