Dementia: Taking To The Air

I think Maureen got the days mixed up yesterday as Saturday became a day of rest.  She spent most of the day sleeping on the sofa and stayed there all night.  This could have  been another one of those ‘Duvet Days’ that we were told to expect following a stroke.

We both had a relatively restful night, apart from one incident where Maureen told me I would be in trouble with the police.  She warned me that I faced arrest for ‘taking people off the street and locking them in my house’.   That early morning warning has soon been forgotten to be replaced by: ‘what are we dong here; why I aren’t I in my own house?’

It is cool and dismal this morning and my challenge is to see if I can entice Maureen into some sort of activity.  I’m rather concerned that as Autumn progresses into Winter the coolness of the air will make ‘hibernation’ a distinct possibility with attendant deterioration.  I simply have to find ways of encouraging my butterfly to take to the air or she will forget how to fly..


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