Dementia: Sleep Disturbance

Image result for Sleep Disturbance In Dementia PicturesLast night Maureen woke three times during the night.  At 2 am she needed a drink and thought it was time for breakfast.  At 4 am she couldn’t stop coughing until I’d found her something to ease a tickle in her throat.  Two hours later she was concerned that the ‘little boy that she was looking after felt sick’.

Over the last couple of months I have picked up that there are initiatives, and research, in the pipeline that may help those with dementia and their Care Partners improve their sleep patterns.  The Manager of the Home Treatment Team and an Officer of the Clinical Commissioning Group have both mentioned relevant local initiatives.  The  Alzheimer’s Association have also commissioned research into sleep deficit within Care Homes.

In the next few days I hope to see if there is anything out there that might help the situation here.

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