Dementia: Finding The Missing Pieces

Image result for Finding The Missing pieces Picture

A couple of weeks ago I decided that solving a jigsaw would be a good way of spending these Autumn evenings.  My first venture was a complete waste of time as my purchase from a charity shop was very incomplete and I promptly returned to the shop.  I spent a couple of hours on a replacement, from our local library, last night.  We had YouTube on in the background as I struggled for a couple of hours trying to make start on a 1000 piece puzzle.  Maureen sat patiently by my side as I desperately searched for a starting point on my new venture.  This morning I have put all the pieces back in the box in preparation for its return to the library .

Yesterday afternoon, when I met Gary our social worker, I had some success in trying to find the missing pieces in my Carer Support Plan.   We explored two options for setting up regular respite.  Firstly, through a three-day break every month; with Maureen going into a Care Home.  Secondly, through a half day break  every other Wednesday supported by Carer Sits..

I’m optimistic that our outline plans from yesterday’s meeting will come to fruition.  I also think that a little bit of clock patience  might be a more inclusive way of spending these dark evenings.  All I need to make sure of is that we have a full pack of cards!

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