Dementia: On Target? (Week 5)

Image result for On Target PictureOur target last week was quite simple: to enjoy being together again after Maureen’s stay in Ashgrove Care Home.  This week promises more of the old routine with Carer Sits, once gain, in place for the next seven days.

High on the Agenda this week has to be planning for further periods of respite.  Any Care Partner needs to know when they are going to have the next significant break from being on duty 24/7.  I really benefitted from my respite at the Buddhist Centre and need to plan such breaks on a regular basis.  I would also like to explore the possibilities of a Winter Sun holiday before the end of the year.

One of Maureen’s reactions from her stay at Ashgrove was to suggest that she would like to have a holiday.  Togetherness has always been a feature of our marriage;  it would be lovely if we could resume our visits to Portugal during the winter months and feel the warmth from a stay at Madyhamaka together. This is something I aim to reflect upon in the coming week.

Good news on the sleeping front: my novel approach is working.  I’m now on my second book – The Sound of Trumpets by John Mortimer.  When humming the Brahms Lullaby fails to do the trick, picking up a book is helping me to get back into a sleeping mode.

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