Dementia: Revolutionary Service To Close

Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby dementia ward to close

Diana Princess of Wales Hospital
Image captionHome from Home started since July 2015

A hospital ward specialising in dementia care is to close due to lack of money.

The service at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, in Grimsby, started in July 2015 but has not been able to find the necessary funding of about £2m.

Home from Home helped patients improve their independence and minimised hospital stays, said a statement from NAViGO Health and Social Care.

There were 828 referrals to the service in the year, it said.

Diana Princess of Wales is a 439-bed hospital is run by the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust has 6,500 staff and runs other hospitals at Goole and Scunthorpe.

Home from Home was a partnership between NAViGO Health and Social Care and the trust.

Six weeks ago:

Challenging the norm: North East Lincolnshire leading the way in Dementia care

This week North East Lincolnshire has been highlighted as a leading light in Dementia care.

Government data published in the “Dementia Atlas” shows that service users in North East Lincolnshire have the best regular Dementia care in the country, with 86 per cent of service users receiving regular check-ups compared to just 46 per cent in other regions.

Janine Smith, Senior Operational Manager of Older People’s Services for NAViGO who provide a number of Dementia services in North East Lincolnshire, said: “Dementia can have a profound effect on an individual and those around them. It is our duty to offer them the highest level of care and compassion and the publication of the Atlas shows that here in North East Lincolnshire we are striving hard to achieve that aim.

“The report highlights that NAViGO, along with other healthcare partners, are providing an extremely high quality service for our local community which is at the core of everything we do: to provide services that we would be happy for our own families to use.”

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, said nationally: “People living with dementia deserve the best possible care- and this new Dementia Atlas is designed to drive improvements across the country.

“By publishing the current levels of care, we are shining a spotlight on areas where there is still work to be done, whilst highlighting where we can learn from best practice.”

NAViGO recognises that people with Dementia need specialist care and support throughout the different stages of their illness and with this in mind, the new ground-breaking Home from Home service was launched last year here in Grimsby, in partnership with North East Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals Trust at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital (DPoWH) and is now delivering impressive results.

Older people with confusion and delirium (Dementia) require specialised treatment above and beyond what can be provided on standard hospital wards which often only address their immediate acute medical needs.

The revolutionary Home from Home service combines physical and mental health care for older people in a bespoke environment, in what is believed to be the only unit of this nature in the country.

Service users are extremely pleased with the care they receive from the Home from Home team, with 94 per cent saying they would recommend Home from Home to friends and family.

Spending less time in hospital has a profound impact on an individual and studies have revealed a notable reduction in the average length of stay in DPoWH for people with confusion or Dementia which declined by almost 4 days from 12.7 days to 8.8 days from the inception of Home from Home to the end of May 2016.

It is statistics like these as well as the dramatic improvements to care pathways for people with Dementia which led the unit to be honoured by the Dementia Action Alliance as part of the Dementia Quality Improvement Awards 2016.

Janine added: “We need to think differently about the way in which we provide care and support for people living with Dementia and the Home from Home service is a fantastic example of how doing something in a different way to the norm can achieve better outcomes for the individuals we support as well as their families.”

Can we afford to let this happen?


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