Dementia: The Benefits Of Humming

One of the constant tasks of any Care Partner where dementia is a factor is seeking solutions to changing presentation.  Some of my latest approaches to our journey are summarised below:

Sleep Disturbance:  When I’m woken at some ungodly hour I often find it difficult to get back to sleep.  What seems to be working at the moment is to hum this song to myself:

If humming fails to do the trick I stay in bed and I pick up my latest novel:

Image result for The Girl On The Train Book Picture

I’ve almost read 300 pages now after a couple of years without a book on the go!

Frightening Animals In The Room:  Maureen woke several times last night scared that there was a dog, then a large fish in the lounge/bedroom room.  I eventually managed to ease her upstairs into the marital bedroom where there is more light and less dark corners.

Keeping Tea Warm: Maureen often asks for a cup of tea and falls asleep before it has cooled sufficiently to drink.  I plan to put hot drinks in a flask from now on so that they are available at an ambient temperature when she awakes.

Ongoing Distressing Assessments:  I’m going to suggest that a  Multi-Disciplinary Team approach is adopted by professionals, so all the information on Maureen is brought together and shared.  This would end duplication, ensuing distress, save time, and wasting resources.

We Can’t Be Married: I admit I was confounded by Maureen’s early morning assertion that she couldn’t have married me when we were in Coventry because she already had a husband.  It was one of those occasions when I resorted to humming another tune to myself and hoping for the best:

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