Dementia: Sending Myself To Coventry

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 3 am

I have had 6 hours solid sleep and will be leaving for Coventry after a energy boosting breakfast.

My observations of Maureen yesterday leave me in little doubt that she would not live long in a Care Home.

If I leave her there much longer her feelings of being abandoned will lead to further rapid deterioration.

Seeing my mum and brother in their Care Homes this morning will be a helpful reminder of Maureen’s stark prospects if I don’t act quickly on my return.


Arrived safely now waiting for Sky Blue City to wake up!


4 thoughts on “Dementia: Sending Myself To Coventry

  1. I don’t know know it helps but I have been reassured that any change of surroundings can make the dementia worse, but they do settle down. Robs week in respite sapped any energy he has because he just didn’t sleep – day or night (he is also an owl and I too am sleep deprived). Mind you rob knows what is wrong with him, knows he doesn’t always know who I am, knows I am burning out, doesn’t want to go into a home long term and want some to do what he can to make it work do that I can continue to look after him. There are very few lucid moments and opportunities to talk to him. – but I do – very calmly when he knows I am the wife, and explain what I can to him based on what he can take on before he drifts into robs world if dementia and talks nonsense again. Just thought I’d put it out there as food for thought.


  2. We knew putting dad in a care home would lead to a swift deterioration. Staff don’t have time (let’s not think about the lack of motivation or empathy) to provide the necessary mental and physical stimulation. He would have been left vegetating.
    The deterioration whenever he had to be in hospital was frightening and although when he came home again he recovered somewhat, it was never to the same stage as before he went in.


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