Dementia: She’s Not A Happy Bunny

Image result for Not A Happy Bunny PictureI  made an unscheduled visit to Maureen’s Care Home this morning and stayed for lunch..  It has been disappointing to hear her perception of her incarceration: to put it mildly she is not a happy bunny.  She is not too fond of me for: ‘dumping her in there while I’ve been away on holiday’.

I’m hoping to chat things over with the Home Treatment Team at 3 pm, before continuing my observations.  Maureen seems to be mixing well.   She seems popular with both residents and staff.  Since admission she has developed a slight stoop and I get the distinct impression that her efforts to form an Escape Committee with continue.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: She’s Not A Happy Bunny

  1. This may sound awful and if it does I apologise up front.

    You wrote that Maureen is not happy at being incarcerated in her care home, but Maureen also felt she was being detained at home. I don’t mean this as a reflection of your care for Maureen which frankly is second to non, I just feel it’s the illness (for want of a better word) which does not allow her the happiness she richly deserves, not the care home and certainly not you.


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