Dementia: Preventing Carer Burnout

Image result for Preventing Carer Burnout PictureI’m back home after a very refreshing break at Madyhamaka Meditation Centre in Pocklington.  Being out of the firing line of dementia has given me an opportunity to recharge my batteries and think about how to avoid Carer Burnout.  Good fortune led me to choose Ashgrove Care Home as Maureen’s holiday home.

If Chloe, one of our carers, had not given positive feedback on Ashgrove I would not have gone near the place, as it had been in Special Measures.   That would have been a mistake: as any perusal of Ashgroves latest CQC report will show the improvements that have been made at all levels. My experience since the first time I stepped through the door has been equally positive, and I have no doubt that Maureen remains in good hands.  Ashgrove has now become a serious contender for preventing Carer Burnout with; Day Care, overnight stays, and substantial periods of respite becoming distinct possibilities for the future.

As my good friend Kelsang Dorde would say: ‘its a no brainer’


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