Dementia: What A Team!

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It took a real team effort to ease Maureen into Ashgrove Care Home yesterday.  She was at her articulate best to frustrate any plans to remove her from her home and separate her from her husband.  However one carefully construed last throw of the dice eased her way into Respite Care.

I had never met Sue, the Mental Health Nurse from the Home Treatment Team, before and it was our chat in the garden that was the turning point in proceedings.  We then played out our plans to persuade Maureen to have a look at a place that was not too far away.  Gail our carer accompanied Maureen as ‘her friend’ holding her hand as she stepped into unknown territory.  Once through the door Joanne the Manager of the Home came into play as Maureen was guided to her room.  At this point I read the hand signals of June and faded into the background.

My phone call to Ashgrove from the Buddhist Centre at 7 pm told me just what I hoped to hear.  Maureen had settled in well; had been singing, dancing and had befriended Margaret. What a relief to hear such genuine good news!

All I can do now is take it one day at a time.  We are both in places where we are surrounded by kindness and  will hopefully  get the rest we need.

12 thoughts on “Dementia: What A Team!

  1. That’s wonderful news, Paul – let’s hope that it continues along just like this for you both. Hopefully it will give you the much-needed rest you desire, and then when it’s time for Maureen to go to Lindsey Hall it will help her to adjust there too. Sleep well ….

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  2. So wonderful that all the people at Ashgrove were able to settle Maureen in so effectively. Now she is settled and happy you can concentrate on you and just take some time to smell the roses – I do know the are disappearing now over there, ours are just coming out. But you know what I mean. Enjoy your rest 💤💤💤💤

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