Dementia: A Lucky Musical Break

I heard Maureen crying  on the Baby Monitor at 4 am this morning so I picked up my pillow and joined her in the marital bed.  As I lay down she told me that she thought I was in bed with another woman and was going to leave her. I decided to ease her concerns by singing her a Billy Fury number:

A little later on I went downstairs and put Willie and Kris on my Tablet:

Then my lucky break: this number from the Bee Gees staring up at me from my Playlist:

Yes today is our Wedding Anniversary: neither of us are certain how long we have been married – I think it is 18 years today ( I would need to check).  However, I do know I had to serve a six-year apprenticeship before Maureen would let me take her hand!

6 thoughts on “Dementia: A Lucky Musical Break

    1. Maureen waited until she was 60 otherwise it would have meant waiting for her State Pension. One of the shortcomings of marrying her Tea Boy. I think it has always been wise to remember my status!


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