Dementia: Four Days To Go

Image result for four days to go imagesI now have a strategy in mind if Maureen is reluctant to move to Lindsey Hall Nursing Home on Friday. If she is objects to moving there will need to be a Capacity Assessment of her care needs and residence.  I would be confident that it will come to the same conclusion as before: that she lacks capacity and has to accompany me.

A number of local people have agreed to assist us with the move.  I’m also hoping that some family members will travel to Cleethorpes to visit us in our new abode as soon as they are able.

This morning I hope to be able to spend some time in our room to consider what could be done to make it familiar to Maureen.  However, I have to be careful not to make a nuisance of myself with the Home opening its doors to residents for the first time today.




2 thoughts on “Dementia: Four Days To Go

  1. I am totally fascinated by this move. I don’t know of any homes here with double rooms although they do put people in adjoining rooms. This facility looks amazing. How does it work out financially? Do you have to pay double? What are you doing with all your ‘stuff’? In John’s home was a couple, she was in the dementia unit while he was in the rest home. He used to come through to see her but he also had an active social life in the rest home. She now requires hospital care as well which this home does not cater for so they had to find a new home for the wife, it was two months before a room was found in the home for him. They are paying for each of them, very costly.

    When my repairs are complete I am only taking what I want and giving the rest away – we still have many here who are struggling since the earthquakes which happened nearly six years ago. Believe it or not.

    I will be following your journey with interest. I love your attitude 😇


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