Dementia: Endless Sleep

Trying to find  Maureen started yesterday, has continued through the night, and into this morning.  When I took the call from Royal Court yesterday I had to track her down in Cleethorpes.  During the night she has moved from her downstairs bed up to the marital bedroom and back down again.  The real positive from yesterday is that she now has a focus on us both getting plenty of sleep – which we did last night. I serenaded her with my version of this number a while ago to help make the point:

I have now spun the events of yesterday in a positive manner by going along with Maureen’s reality.  I’m pleased to say she is not against us both going back to that ‘nice place’ today.  I’m not at all surprised by her reaction as Royal Court is all that I anticipated it would be.  I know there is still mileage in my instinct that Royal Court could yet become an important part of our support package with its compassion approach to residents.

We will explore the potential for Lindsey Hall Nursing Home this morning.  I’m meeting the Dementia Manager at 10.30, along with our social worker, and am excited at seeing this state of the art approach to Residential Care.  The building has been converted from surplus accommodation of the secondary school that did me an incredible favour. Lindsey School was the nail in my coffin in my career as a Supply Teacher.  When I was escorted off the premises for having ‘issues with the school’ I resolved to call time on earning money in the cauldron of supply teaching – a decision I have never regretted.  How ironic that Lynsey could play a further significant part in our lives.

Footnote: I’ve just remembered Maureen and I saw Marty sing this song at Grimsby Auditorium a few years ago when we attended a Sixties Night – those were the days!

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