Dementia: Back To The Drawing Board

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Royal Court Care Home eventually decided they were unable to meet Maureen’s needs. She found a way out of their side entrance and became aggressive to staff who tried to persuade her to go back into the Home.  They tried to calm her down by taking her for a walk but she made off in a homeward direction and refused to leave the centre of Cleethorpes.

We have now been home for about three hours and she has settled down very quickly.  I have just woken after a couple of hours rest. Maureen is still sleeping.

It’s back to the drawing board tomorrow when I’m meeting our social worker at Lynsey Nursing Home: state of the art provision that opens for business for the first time on Monday.  Gary was very professional today as he skilfully tempted Maureen to give Royal Court a go – it’s a shame that things went pear shaped after she had eaten a good lunch!




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