Dementia: A Funny Day: A Dreadful Night

Image result for A Funny Day An Awful Night PictureMaureen was looking for fun yesterday.  She spent quite a time in the morning and early afternoon trying to attach clothing pegs to my person.  Then she hid on a couple of occasions when she knew I was looking for her.  The surprising thing about all this activity was that she didn’t have a rest throughout the day.

In the afternoon Maureen’s brother phoned to let us know that he was planning a visit next week.  Barrie’s call led to confusion and concern about his visit.  I added to Maureen’s confusion by foolishly phoning her Aunty Clarice to clarify her whereabouts from the last few days.  Then I made a further mistake by encouraging Maureen to hear about Clarice’s adventures at Centre Parks.

Last night she spent ages getting ready for bed – repeating one routine after another.  I was very tired so I eventually took to the spare room in an effort to get some rest.  It is possible that I have paid very dearly for my impatience and my phone call to Clarice earlier.

At 1 am I heard activity from the marital bedroom – with doors and drawers being opened and shut. When I entered I found Maureen crying with despair as she sat on the bed.   Once again none of the clothes in the room belonged to her and they all smelled of perfume.  It took a while to encourage her to accompany me downstairs for a cup of tea.

The early morning challenges have continued with the usual routines of not living here and others stealing her belongings, alongside hostility towards me as the owner of this establishment.  We have both had several ‘breakfasts’ in an effort to cool things down a little.  Despite my exhaustion I have tried to fix a smile on my face and keep my communication simple: resisting the temptation to vent my frustration when I’m in ear shot.

As I prepare to despatch this post Maureen is crying again: ‘wanting to go home’ – my request for clarification reveals that she want to be with her mum, dad and siblings.  Then she says ‘we are all in the same boat here; we can’t go home until we get better’:  a smile is all I can manage as I am stumped for words on this one!

When Charlotte, today’s carer, arrives later this morning I’ll take off to the Leisure Centre: the prospect of lounging in the Sauna and Spa is a very attractive prospect .  I don’t think it is wise to attend an afternoon meditation session as I would be likely to drift off into sleep, and this would not be a good introduction to fellow participants.

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