Dementia: Practice What You Post!

Image result for practice what you preach picturesYesterday was rather Autumnal here in Cleethorpes.  The rain came down in bucket loads for long periods of the day.  This meant that Maureen hardly ventured outside the door all day.

She had been very generous in the morning wanting me to do something for myself, so I popped down to the Leisure Centre for an hour.   Things didn’t go quite according to plan as the Pool was reserved for children, so I made for the Health Suite.  I took advantage of the Spa and Sauna to ease the pain in my shoulders.  It was good to feel the warmth on my body and have an interesting chat with a retired engineer who shared my views on the damage that Margaret Thatcher’s regime had done to manufacturing in Britain.

This morning I have struggled with Maureen’s constant question about ‘where is everyone else?’  Around 3 am she was asking about particular individuals, including her departed daughter.  Later on she seemed to be concerned that we were alone in ‘this place’.  It is easier to respond when it is still dark outside as I generally say: ‘they are asleep and we need to try to get some shut-eye’.

I’m getting a little better at not always absorbing Maureen’s challenging presentation.  However, on some occasions I lie awake thinking about how to respond when she is distressed when I would be better to park my thoughts and practice what I preach!


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