Dementia: ‘Lean On Me’

We both had a good day yesterday.  I had a positive meeting in the morning with Gary my social worker.  Shortly afterwards I was discharged by St Hugh’s Hospital because, with Oliver’s exercise regime, I have managed a significant improvement in my left shoulder.

Our afternoon siesta was very restorative and we followed it with a lovely time in the centre of Cleethorpes.  Our mission to find an 18th Birthday Card was very successful thanks to supportive staff in the Card Factory. We then had a refreshing walk on Cleethorpes Pier and popped in to see Nigel the Clock Man to get a battery in Maureen’s watch.  As always we chatted to Nigel for a while about all sorts of things.

We took advantage of the sound purchases we had made earlier with Quorn Burgers for tea.  Then we overplayed ‘Hidey High’ and both dropped off until it was time to take to bed in our downstairs abode.  Following a bathroom visit at 3am we both retired to the marital bedroom where we slept fitfully until 5 am.  During this time Maureen has been repeatedly asking for her mum and wanting to go home.

Fred’s Story shows in graphic detail the daily struggles for anyone trying to support a loved one with dementia:

We might have had a good day yesterday but that has been long forgotten.  This morning Maureen is preoccupied with wanting her mum and to go home!

I’ve been using YouTube to try to lift Maureen’s spririts this morning.  My musical message to her has been quite simple:


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